Monday, 25 July 2016


This post is going to be very short and sweet. My blogspot has recently crossed the 10,000 readership mark and is continuing to climb. It seems like only yesterday that I wrote my first post but that was over four years ago. Writing has been one of my passions and the only thing I enjoy as much as writing is sharing my stories with others; more specifically, You, my readers.

Thank you for stopping in to sample my stories and leave the occasional comment. Please feel free to drop in anytime. I have more stories in the works but I also have to admit that I've been very busy preparing to reintroduce my first novel: Lottery, plus a smaller story (I think they call it a novella) entitled: Family Reunion. I'll introduce you to both of them when the time comes. In the meantime, browse the stories and feel free to comment.

Thanks again. G.


  1. Can't wait for either. Or both. :)

    1. Things have been keeping me hopping. I had a major computer crash last spring and I'm still trying to get things sorted out from that. So many of my files are corrupted and I'm working on them trying to get them back in order. One day at a time I guess. If only I could put a RE in front of Tired...